Death Time In Vedic Astrology

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Determination of Longevity as per Vedic Astrology

Vedic time units

If the planet Venus is ins 8 th house and the dispositer of Venus is in the sign or rashi of Saturn (shani) the death of life partner would take place in 12/21/31 st years of the person. What could cause issues in lover at 13 years of age or even 31? HOW TO TIME EVENTS USING TRANSIT IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY, PART-1. In Vedic astrology there are several methods of timing of events, they all can be used and if used properly give good results, but you also have to know when to use which thing in which way. Few Methods to Time Events in Vedic Astrology are:- Using Dasha Using Transit.

This eagerness about knowing the reasons of death is generally because they want to take preventive measures so that, they live on this earth for a longer period of time. Nature has programmed everything in advance and revealing these secrets of the nature’s programming is known as astrology. The exact time of death is actually very difficult to predict in astrology. It depends on the planetary positions, Dasha, and Sub-Dasha period. There are no short cuts or unique methods to predict the event. Many elements, factors, and combinations may cause death. Per the rules of Vedic Astrology, there are certain houses (sectors) of the chart that are strongly associated with life changes. During the time periods when one or more of these parts of the chart are “turned on” by an associated planet’s dasha (period) or bhukti (sub.

The first thing to be consideredafter the birth of the child is the examination of his longevity. The othereffects should be judged later. As per Phaldeepika which is a revered text onVedic Astrology, there is difference of opinion about the actual time of birthof the child. The various views are given below.

i) The time of birth isthat when the head (of the infant) emerges.

ii) The time of birth isthat when the body of the infant emerges and touches the ground.

iii) The time of birth isthat when the body of the infant is completed, separated from the mother’swomb.

a) In case of humanbeings, it is not possible to determine the longevity of a child within thefirst twelve years. Even is the nativity shows good longevity, the child meetshis death owning to the sinful actions of the parents during this or previousbirths.

b) If the child dieswithin the first four years it will be due to the mother’s sins. Death takingplace within four to eight years will be due to the sins of the father. If thedeath takes place between eight and the twelve years, it will be due to the native’sown sinful actions in the previous births.

c) The first eight yearsperiod of a man’s life is treated as Balarishta. That which afflicts him tilltwentieth year is called Yogarishta (evil produced by planetary dispositions).When the longevity extends to thirty-two it is called alpayus or short life. Itis called Madhyamayus or middle age when the span of life extends to seventyyears of age. It is Poornayus when the period of life extends to 100 years.

d) A hundred years isgenerally recognised as the span of life for human beings. The division of thisperiod into three portions constitutes respectively the Alpayu, Madhyamayu andPoornaayu and this is recognised universally.

e) If the birth occurs inthe evil yogas – Dinamrityu, Dinaroga or Vishaghatika, the child will dieimmediately after birth.

Notes– Described below are the Dinamrityu, Dinaroga and Vishagatika Yogas.

Dina mrityu:There is this yoga when the birth is during the day in the first quarter ofDhanishta and Hasta, in the second quarter of Uttarabhadra and Ashlesha, andthe fourth quarter of Bharani and Moola. These yogas do not cause any evileffect if the birth is during the night.

Dinaroga:There is this yoga when the birth occurs during the day in the first quarter ofAshlesha and Uttarabhadra, in the second quarter of Bharani and Moola, in thethird quarter of Uttaraphalguni and Shravan and in the fourth quarter of Swatiand Mrigashira. These yogas will cause no evil effects if the birth occursduring the night.

Vishagatikala:Every Nakshatra has ghatikas or Vishagatika as under:

Aswin 50-54, Bharani24-28, Krittika 30-34, Rohini 40-44, Mrigashira 14-18, Ardra 21-25, Punarvasu 30-34,Pushyami 20-24, Ashlesha 32-26, Makha 30-34, Poorvaphalguni 20-24,Uttaraphalguni 18-22, Hasta 21-25, Chittra 20-24, Swati 14-18, Visakha 14-18,Anuradha 10-14, Jyeshtha 14-18, Moola 56-60, Poorvashada 24-28, Uttarashada20-24, Shravan 10-14, Dhanishta 10-14, Satabhisha 18-22, Poorvabhadra 16-20,Uttarabhadra 24-28 and Revati 30-34.

f) If the birth occurs inthe first quarter of Pushyami, Poorvashada and Chittra, the father of thenative dies. If it is in the second quarter, the mother dies. If it be in thesecond quarter, the mother dies. The child himself will die if the birth takesplace in the third quarter. The maternal uncle will die if the birth be in thefourth quarter of these nakshatra.

If the ascendant is notconnected with benefic planets and birth takes place in Moola or Ashleshanakshatras the results will be as follows:

i) Moola first quarter orAshlesha fourth quarter: Death of father

Vedic Time Units

ii) Moola second quarteror Ashlesha third quarter: Death of mother

iii) Moola third quarteror Ashlesha second quarter: Extinction of the family

iv) Moola fourth quarteror Ashlesha first quarter: Wealthy and prosperous

g) If the birth takesplace at the time of Sandhi (junction) of the signs and if the signs be notaspected by or associated with benefics the child born dies soon after birth. Horoscope signs colors.

If the birth occurs inGandanta, death takes place either of the parents or the native himself. If,however, the native survives he becomes splendorous like a king. The sandhisbetween Pisces and Aries, Cancer and Leo and Scorpio and Sagittarius are calledGandanta). The person who is born in Sandhi associated with or aspected bymalefics will not see Sunrise. The same result may be expected if the Moon atbirth attains the fateful degree in any sign and is at the same time, positedin a Kendra or the eighth house.

h) If the degrees attained by the Moon is Aries and other signs be respectively 26, 12, 13, 25, 24, 11, 26, 14, 13, 25, 5 and 12, they indicate death.

i) The following are also respectively deemed as Mrityubhagas or fateful degrees of the Lagna in the several signs from Aries onwards 8, 9, 22, 22, 25, 14, 4, 23, 18, 20, 21 and 10.

j) The child born diessoon after birth in the following planetary dispositions: –

– If malefics be inKendra or in the eighth house.

– If the ascendant andthe eighth house are occupied by malefics.

– If the Moon and theAscendant be hemmed in between malefics.

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– If the waning Moon beposited in sixth, eighth or twelfth house.

– If the waning Moonalong with malefics occupies the first, fifth, seventh or the ninth house.

Death Time In Vedic Astrology

– If the malefics beposited in the seventh and the eighth houses.

If, however, there beaspect of benefics on the Lagna, the Moon or malefics or there be benefics inKendra, the evil effects described above do not come to pass.

k) If the lord of theAscendant or the lord of the sign occupied by the Moon being weak is placed insixth, eighth or twelfth, the native survives for the number of the years asare indicated by the number of the sign (counted from Aries) in which the Lordof the Lagna or the lord of the Moon sign is posited.

If the lord of the lagnaDrekkana or the lord of the Moon Drekkana being weak be placed in the sixth,eighth, or twelfth, the number of the sign in which such lord is posited willindicate the number of days of the survival of the child.

If the lord of the LagnaNavamsa or the lord of the Moon Navamsa being weak be placed in sixth, eighthor twelfth, the sign of the Lagna Navamsa or the Moon Navamsa will indicate thenumber of days of the survival of the native.

After carefully takinginto account which of the planetary dispositions are more predominant and afterconsidering the nature of the malefics occupying the fifth and the eighth housefrom the Lagna, a final decision should be taken about the longevity of thenative.

l) If Lagna Drekkana andMoon Drekkana are both in moveable signs it means Poorna Ayu, when LagnaDrekkana is in fixed sign and Moon Drekkana is in fixed sign or vice-versa itrepresents Madhyam Ayu. If the Lagna Drekkana is Moveable and Moon Drekkana isDual or vice-versa it represents Alpa Ayu.

m) If sign of LagnaNavamsa is fixed and sign of Moon’s Navamsa is Dual or vice-versa it meansPoorna Ayu, if one is fixed and other is moveable it means Madhayam Ayu, whenboth are fixed it means Alpa Ayu.

n) If sign of Lagna Dwadasamsais dual and Moon Dwadasamsa is fixed or vice-versa it means Poona Ayu, if bothare dual it means Madhayam Ayu, if one is dual and other is moveable it meansAlpa Ayu.

o) If the lord of theLagna and all the benefics be in Kendra the native will have Poorna Ayu. Ifthey are in Panphara house, the native will have Madhayam Ayu, if they are inApoklima house the native will have Alpa Ayu.

p) If the lord of theeighth house and all malefics be posited in Kendra house the native will haveAlpa Ayu. If they be posited in Panaphara house, the native will have MadhyamAyu. If they are posited in the Apoklima house, the native will enjoy PoornaAyu.

q) Find out if thefollowing three pairs of planets are mutually friends, neutrals or enemies: –

– The lord of the sign inwhich Moon is posited and the lord of the eighth house from the Moon sign.

– The Lord of the Lagnaand the Lord of the eighth house.

– The lord of the Lagnaand the Sun.

The native will enjoyDeerghayu if they are mutually friends. He will have Madhyayu if they aremutually neutrals and will have Alpa Ayu if they are mutually enemies.

r) The native will belong lived (will enjoy Poorna Ayu) if:

– The lord of the Lagnabe stronger than the lord of the eighth house.

– The lord of the risingNavamsa be stronger than the lord of the eighth from the Navamsa Lagna.

– If the lord of the signoccupied by the Moon be stronger than the lord of the eighth from the Moon.

– If the Lord of theMoon’s Navamsa be stronger than the lord of the eighth from it.

If otherwise, the resultwill get reversed.

s) If the lord of theeighth house endowed with greater strength than the lord of the lagna, beposited in Kendra and malefics occupy the eighth and the twelfth, the nativewill be short lived. Even if he gets medium life or full life his life will befull of misery and will remain unhappy.

t) If the Moon, the lordof the sign occupied by her and the lord of the lagna be all well placed bybeing associated with or aspected by benefics and passed many points ofstrength, the birth at that time should be treated very auspicious and willmake the native happy in every way.

u) If the lord of theLagna possesses great strength and be un-aspected by (or associated with)malefics and be aspected by (or associated with) benefics, occupies a Kendrahouse, the death is warded off and the native secures a long life with goodqualities, wealth and an illustrious or powerful sovereignty.

v) If Jupiter, theMinister of Gods, possessed of great strength and with brilliant rays beposited in Lagna, he can singly ward off many of the evils which otherwisewould be difficult to overcome, just as a humble salutation placed with allsincerity before lord Vishnu demolishes all evils.

w) If the birth be inbright half of the lunar month (Shukla Paksha) and the Moon be posited in 1st,4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10thor 11th in Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius or Pisces Navamsa, many evilsendangering life of the native are demolished and the birth becomes veryauspicious.

x) If in any nativity,there be no malefics in Kendra, Trikona and the eighth house and the lord ofthe Lagna and Jupiter is posited in Kendra, the native performs virtuousactions, enjoys all kinds of happiness and remains in good health with a lifespan of 100 years.

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