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Aries Taurus Cusp – Meaning, Compatibility, and Personality aries-taurus cusp - tend to be direct, brave, & determined, making them the cusp sign most likely to finish what everyone else has given up on.

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Born On The Cusp Astrology

Astrology cusp dates
  • The cusp is the time were the sun moves from one sign to another in a birth chart. There are millions of people in this conflictual case. Let’s take the example of people born on December 21st.
  • If you've ever told an astrology lover that you don't really identify with your sun sign, they may have asked you if you're a cusp. Meaning: Were you born right on or near the day when the sun.
  • Understand the usage of Cusp or KP chart-Part 1.
  • Aries and Taurus. People under the Aries and Taurus Cusp are some seriously strong people.

If you were born between the 19th and 23rd of any month, you may have been told that you were born on the cusp. That is true.

However, you do not automatically have two sun signs. Here is an explanation.

The Sun’s apparent path through the zodiac takes about 12 months. Those 12 months coincide with our 12-month calendar year, almost exactly. Our calendar months do not coincide precisely with the actual celestial month. We are out of sync by a little bit of time (that is why we have Leap Years).

To put it another way: our calendar year is a little bit shorter than the Sun’s traveling year.


This means that the Sun moves into a new zodiac sign approximately every month, anywhere between 19th and the 23rd of our month.

For example, one year the Sun can change signs on the 22nd, and another year it may change signs on the 20th.

The change can happen on any day between the 19th and the 23rd. That group of days is called a cusp, meaning the span of days in which the Sun may change sign.

The cusp does not mean that the sun is in both signs during those days.

The cusp means that the Sun will change signs on one of those days.

The Change is Fast

And that change will happen very fast, over the course of a minute or so. This is because we consider the Sun being in a sign when its center is in a sign. For example, when we say the Sun is in Taurus, it means the center of the sun is in Taurus.

If you were “born on the cusp” of two signs, it really means that at the exact moment you were born, the sun was either in the previous sign, or in the next sign. It is unlikely that you were born at the same moment in which the center of the sun was exactly between two signs.

So, being born during those cusp days does not automatically mean that you have two Sun signs.

House Cusps In Astrology

Birth charts are calculated using an astronomical ephemeris in order to get the exact time that the Sun changed signs for every month of every year. An ephemeris is a special almanac that gives the astronomical positions of celestial objects. It shows the exact positions of the center of the Sun for every day of every year.

If you were born between the 19th and 23rd of any month, you must check an ephemeris to see exactly where the Sun was at the time of your birth. Or use our Sun Sign Calculator which has a built-in ephemeris to get exact positions.

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Earlier Cusp For February Births

However, if you were born in February, the cusp begins earlier, as early as the 17th day. That means that if you were born between February 17th and 21st, you must check an ephermis or use our calculator to see exactly what sign the sun was in when you were born.

Alternate Meaning of Cusp

There is a second meaning for 'cusp' in astrology, but it is not important for this discussion. The second meaning refers to the cusp between two houses instead of the cusp between two signs.

August 28 horoscope. In astrology, a cusp (from the Latin for spear or point) is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or houses in the horoscope.[1]

Because the solar disc has a diameter of approximately half a degree, it is possible for the Sun to straddle the cusp as it moves across the sky. When this occurs at the moment of birth such a person is said to be 'born on the cusp' and some believe that their life is influenced by the characteristics of both signs. For example, if an individual was born when the Sun (by convention the point at the centre of the Solar disc) was located at 29 degrees, 50 minutes Gemini, then one might say that he was born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. Much of the Solar disc was actually in Cancer even though the centre was in Gemini.[2]

Although the term 'cusp' is universally used for the boundaries of signs, not all astrologers agree that an object can ever be included in more than one sign. Many consider relevant only the location of the Sun's centre, which must be entirely in one sign, and would describe the natal Sun in the example as simply being in Gemini. If late degrees of Gemini have a Cancer-like character, they would describe that as simply the nature of that part of Gemini rather than some influence spilling over from the next sign.[citation needed]

On the other hand, astrologers who consider objects 'on the cusp' to be meaningfully different from objects entirely in one sign may apply such a description even when no part of the object crosses the boundary. That point of view may consider the Sun to be 'on the cusp' even when its centre is as much as two degrees away from the sign boundary. They may also call other objects (much less than half a degree in diameter) 'on the cusp' despite no part of the object being in the adjacent sign. Their claim is that the influence of the cusp gets weaker but does not suddenly disappear as the object gets further from the cusp.[3]

A similar debate applies to cusps between houses.


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