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2021 Astrology Predictions by Gurmeet Singh. 2021 Vedic Astrology Predictions, 2021 Planetary Transits by Gurmeet Singh.

Vedic Astro Zone - Vedic Astrology - The Ancient science of India. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses. Vedic Astrology Charts Horoscope Predictions for Life Life predictions and apt remedial measures are the integral part of the Vedic astrology charts. From gems to kavachas, from mantra to Yantra, from lockets to bracelets, there is a multitude of ways when we think of astrological cures for the odds of life. Effective Vedic remedies and solutions are also mentioned to remove the negative influence of planets and strengthen weak planets. Rashi Adorable god, Rasi planet (lord), Rashi name initials (letters), Rashi stone, Rashi temperament, nature and element (Tatva) is provided on each Rashifal prediction pages.

Astrological Predictions

P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

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Getting Private Readings

I have a full time job in high tech that takes up a lot of my time. I have an active family life. I spend a lot of time on spiritual activities. I spend a lot of time on Jagannatha Hora development and improvements. I spend a lot of time on Vedic astrology research. I spend some time teaching astrology and sharing my researches with others.

I have very little time left for giving private readings. People may think, 'it will just take 5 minutes to help me', but I get so many mails and so tight on time. So I have to ignore many emails.

I reply to very few emails. So send me an email only if you are prepared for not getting a reply. Send me a private email at [email protected] with your birthdata (date, time and place of birth), 4-5 events from your life with approximate dates and one or two clear and unambiguous questions. Please make your email short and to the point. If you write a very long email, it is unlikely I will be able to read it.

Also, one is better off doing a Mahaganapthi homa (or any homa) every day or every weekend and praying to god about one's problems, than contacting me. I have no ability to solve people's problems. Even my diagnosis of their problems and prognosis of when things may improve, may not be that good. Prayer is more useful and reliable.

Future World Predictions

Geopolitical Transformation: The period 2000-2030 will see tremendous geo-political transformation and re-arrangement. The changes may be drastic in 2015-2020.

Fall of Capitalism as we know it: When communism fell in 1980s, world assumed that capitalism won. But capitalism as we know it will fall too, in 2000-2030. The changes will be quite rapid during 2015-2025. Eventually, capitalism will be replaced by a newer ideology that will be based more on fairness and Dharma.

Miscellaneous precitions for US, India, China: Please check out this brief write up.

Narendra Modi as India's Prime Minister: Narendra Modi will win 3 terms comfortably, as India's Prime Minister. But, after being re-elected in 2024 for his third term, he will retire in the middle of that term by transferring power to a younger leader, to focus on his spiritual life. Astrological analysis can be seen in an interview with Saptarishis Astrology, published in March 2018. It was also captured a year later in a brief write-up summarizing several world predictions.

Past World Predictions

Indian elections in 2018-2019: KCR will be re-elected as Telangana chief minister. YS Jagan will be elected as AP chief minister. Narendra Modi will be re-elected as India's prime minister.

Barack Obama Will Be Re-elected: US President Barack Obama will be re-elected in the 2012 Presidential election.

Kargil War of 1999: I predicted in an article in 'Express Star Teller' magazine that India may have an 'unpleasant confrontation with some countries' after 'May 19, 1999' and that 'India's point of view may be respected in international fora'. Kargil War started on May 25, 1999 and Pakistan was forced to beat a retreat after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's emergency visit to US on July 4, 1999.

Astrology houses explained. Vajpayee Govt Fall & Rise in 1999: I predicted in early 1999 that Jayalalita will pull the plug on Vajpayee government in 1999. I also predicted that she would be the loser. I predicted that Vajpayee would continue. I also predicted that Vajpayee's strength would increase from the second half of 1999 and that he would be much more confident and assertive. All that happened.

Fall of Gujral government: I predicted in September 1997 that Indian Prime Minister IK Gujral's minority coalition government at the centre may be in danger soon, despite repeated assurances by Congress to keep supporting. I wrote that the period Nov 10-Dec 20 may be turbulent in Indian politics. The government lost its support on 1997 November 28.

George W Bush second term: Though most astrologers wrote GeorgeW Bush down, I predicted that he would beat Kerry in 2004 presidential elections.

Rise of India in World during 2002-2011 I predicted in 2001: 'India will rise in stature and become a dominant nation in the world, politically, economically, culturally and spiritually. From a nation of self-doubters suffering from an inferiority complex and slave mentality developed during the long foreign rule, India will rise like a phoenix and claim its rightful place as a confident and progressive world leader.'

Russian conflicts in 1999: I predicted in an article in 'Express Star Teller' magazine that 'Russia would face unrest and get involved in an armed conflict from August 1999'. Russia took action against the Dagestani militants in August 1999 and attacked Chechnya later.

BJP success in 1998-2000: I wrote in early 1998: 'It is very likely that BJP will steal the limelight on the stage of Indian politics during 1998-2000 and that they will be in charge of India's destiny for a few years atleast. BJP's tryst with destiny, which eluded them during the brief stint as India's ruling party, may be coming very soon!'

Marriage Partner Prediction from Spouse Astrology

Marriage and relationship is very important in our life. But now a days relationship has become more complicated. So when we reach in a marriageable age several questions arise in our mind like- how will my spouse look ?, will he/she be loving towards me ? What will be the nature of my spouse ? Except astrology, there is no other way to know about your future life partner.

7th house in any Horoscope deals with marriage partner and relationship. Planets placed in 7th house or placement of 7th Lord in your Horoscope can give you lot of information about your future spouse. The zodiac sign of 7th house is also important.

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You can never find a person who does not want a beautiful wife or good and handsome husband to be his/her life partner. People always want to know eagerly about the physical appearance, social status and features of their would-be partners. Making a prediction about the physical appearances of life partner with the help of Astrology is considered to be one of the toughest jobs.

So, I am now trying to help you with some astrological facts which will help you to understand the physical appearances of your husband or wife better.

Important House for Marriage Partner Prediction

Every planet has its own Zodiac sign and each of the signs does have some unique characteristics of its own. So the sign placement of these planets is very important. Every human being has a different or unique characteristic that depends on the planetary position that he or she has in the houses in his or her birth chart. So, we have to notice the association or conjunction of planets very carefully.

In Vedic Astrology 7th house and its lord in a birth chart is considered as the main indicator of marriage. It is the house of marriage or partnership or conjugal relationship. So, the planets in 7th house or 7th house lord need to be checked carefully, whether they are placed in an auspicious manner or not.

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Important planets for life partner prediction

Cryptocurrency Predictions Vedic Astrology Horoscopes

Venus is the natural indicator for marriage and it is the indicator of Wife in a Males chart. Jupiter is the indicator of husband in a female chart and Mars is the indicator of Boyfriend. But nowadays as in most cases we see that boyfriend and husband are same, so the importance of Mars has increased in a females chart.

So Along with 7th house, 7th Lord we have to see the Venus in Males chart. In a female chart we have to see the 7th house, 7th Lord, Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

Now lets discuss about the spouse look and nature as per the planets in your 7th house.

When the Sun is present in the 7th house- Your spouse will be golden fair in complexion and has an average height. Your spouse may lack the charm you desire to see in him or her but will have a very deep and influential voice. If Sun is Strong in 7th house, your husband or wife will come from a respectable family background and will have a good personality too.

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When Moon is present in the 7th house- your spouse will be very charming, good-looking, having fair complexion. There will also be a child-like innocence in their attitude and look. Their skin will be very smooth like silk. A waxing Moon can make your spouse noticeably fair where a waning Moon can not give your spouse the fairness you desire for.

If Mars is present in 7th house- spouse will have a very slim and athletic body structure. He or she will have temperamental problem that will grow into the quarrelsome nature in him or her when afflicted. Mars in 7th house will make your wife/husband medium fair in complexion. Your partner can have good Height when Mars influence the 7th bhava.

If Mercury is present in the 7th house- you will get a skilled, intelligent, learned, communicative and youthful life partner. Your spouse will be fair, good-looking and talkative. For the dominance of Mercury, your spouse will look much young than his or her age, even when in late forties. He or she will be very entertaining and always have a great sense of humor in mind.

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When the Jupiter is present in your 7th house- your spouse may be a little bit bulky, yet he or she will have a well-grown physique. it will give your Spouse medium height. This placement will make you lucky enough to have a well-learned and fair spouse. He or she will always have a certain magnetic quality in his or her personality.

When Venus is present in the 7th house- the spouse will appear very beautiful. She will be fair as well. Due to having Venus in 7th house, the native will be more after looks, beauty and always be fond of romanticism. Venus is well-capable of giving the most beautiful and lovable partner. Your spouse will have immense charm. He or she will be fond of art, music, comfort or luxuries. If there is an affliction to Venus, it can cause complications.

When Saturn is present in 7th house- it can give you a spouse who will be mentally very matured. He or she may lack the impressiveness in his or her look but will be very practical and disciplined. Your spouse may be older than usual or look aged but he or she will be nurturing a more strict and traditional way of thinking in him or her.

The planets posited in the 7th house of Navamsa chart will also play an equally important role. We have to See the Navamsa chart along with the Rashi chart to get the complete picture.

Role of 7th Lord in physical appearance of Spouse in Astrology

Now we will discuss and try to understand it as per the placement of 7th Lord in different Sign.

Physical appearance and Nature of Marriage Partner when 7th Lord is in Fiery Sign

Cryptocurrency Predictions Vedic Astrology

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are Fiery Sign. When the Lord of these signs is placed auspiciously in 7th house or 7th Lord is present in a Fiery Sign, the height of your spouse will be good. He or she will be tall and has good manners.

When 7th Lord is in Aries or Leo or Sagittarius, A caring attitude from your spouse will be prominent. He or she will also display much affection towards you. Fiery signs indicate independent nature. So controlling tendency can also be seen in your Life Partner.

Cryptocurrency Predictions Vedic Astrology Susan Miller

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If the 7th Lord is strong in Leo or Aries or Sagittarius, a quality of leading a well-balanced life in your spouse will be noticed. He or she will also possess high morals. Religion and Philosophy are going to have the utmost importance in his or her life.

Now lets be more specific about the spouse look according to the position of 7th Lord.

Cryptocurrency Predictions Vedic Astrology

If the 7th Lord is in the sign of Aries– Your spouse may be of medium height. He or she will have sharp eyes with nice eyebrows. Your spouse may be aggressive in nature but his or her loud voice will have the charm to attract people.

If 7th Lord is in Leo– your partner will possess a well-developed body or you can say an athletic figure. Here also, he or she will speak very loud and have a much attractive personality.

If the 7th Lord is in Sagittarius sign– your spouse will acquire a physically matured body. He or she will be tall and fair in complexion. Your spouse will also have a large forehead and always remain very free and frank.

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Cryptocurrency Predictions Vedic Astrology

Physical Appearance or Nature of Spouse when 7th Lord is in Airy Sign

When 7th Lord is placed in airy signs like Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, it can make your spouse good-looking, having sharp and intelligent mind. That intelligence will help him or her to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.They will always keep a positive attitude in them in whatever they deal with.

Simultaneously, they will be quite practical and materialistic too. They usually have a quality of being extrovert and love to meet or interact with people.

Spouse look if the 7th Lord is in Libra– you will be lucky enough to get a slim and fair person as your life partner. He or she will have a nice hair and that may sometimes be curly as well.

Spouse appearance when 7th Lord is placed in Gemini sign- your spouse will have a good height. He or she will be of sharp and slim figure. Beautiful eyes and the wheatish fair complexion will make your spouse more charming.

Spouse look when 7th Lord is placed in Aquarius- it can give your partner a good height. He or she may be of dark complexion but will definitely have sharp eyes. An athletic figure will make him or her more attractive.

I have made a Video on how to know about Marriage partner from Navamsa chart. You can watch it for more information.

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Life Partner details when 7th Lord is in Earthy Signs

When 7th Lord is present in the earthy signs like Taurus- Capricorn and Virgo , it can make your Spouse very dedicated to his or her work. The dedication will help him or her in getting an excellent success in earnings. He or she may be average in looking but will have a strong calculative approach.

Your spouse may have an average height. Sometimes your spouse may come across as rude to you. That is because of their highly practical approach towards life. They may always have a tendency of being jealous of others, even sometimes for no reason. They are good in management, specially in financial cases. But you may sometimes find it miserly.

Spouse appearance if the 7th Lord occupies the sign of Taurus- Your spouse may be short in height. He or she may be a bit flabby. He or she will have a dark hair with medium complexion.

Life partner look when 7th Lord is in the sign of Capricorn- your spouse may not be very tall but will be slim. He or she may have rough skin. But there will be a charm in him or her that will attract many. He or she may look a little bit aged.

Spouse physical appearance when 7th Lord is in the sign of Virgo- your would-be partner will be medium in height. He or she will be slight flabby but have dark eyes. The smile will make your spouse lovable and attractive. The placement will help your spouse to make itself fulfilled with vitality.

Spouse as per Astrology when 7th Lord is in Watery Signs

If your 7th Lord is in a watery signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, he or she will be mostly of medium height. He or she will be very soft spoken, extremely romantic and have an imaginative mind. They may be very impractical towards life and such an approach might be very disturbing to you. Yet, your spouse will be very caring and understanding towards you and your family as well.

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Life partner look when the 7th Lord is placed in Cancer sign- your better-half is going to be of medium height. He or she will have large eyes on his or her round face. Your spouse will have a very fair complexion with smooth skin. His or her voice will be very beautiful and charming too.

Spouse look if the 7th Lord occupies the sign of Scorpio- your future wife or husband will have dark eyes, large face. He or she will be fair and look adorable with beautiful hair. There may be a little bit flabbiness, but he or she will be slim overall.

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Life partner appearance if the 7th Lord is in the sign of Pisces- it can give you a spouse with beautiful face. Perhaps he or she will have short height and bulkiness, but will have a very smooth and silky skin. The large eyes and fair complexion will make your spouse more attractive and charming.

We have discussed so far about the Look, Nature and Character of future Life Partner as per the 7th Lord and planets in the 7th house. But other Divisional chart Like Navamsa also plays an important role in determining the kind of Partner we will get.

The planets in the 7th house of Navamsa and position of 7th Lord in Navamsa has to be studied very carefully before coming into any conclusion. The Navamsa chart will alter the results indicated in the Main birth chart your Spouse or Life Partner. The position of 7th lord of Rashi chart in D9 chart also needs to be checked.

You can match the results with your Horoscope and let us know. In case of any doubt or confusion feel free to comment.