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Being witnessed is essential to our humanity, our growth, and our ability to move past the trauma that we have survived. If astrology does its job, it offers a mirror in which we see both our best selves and our growth edges.

Like a loaded spring, Jupiter has been coiled ready to unleash all of its excess into the world once again. In other words on Thursday March 6, Jupiter will station direct. It’s the last of the four planets that have changed direction. Mercury went direct, and then Mars and Saturn retrograded within a week of each other. This is especially good news for those with sun or rising in Sagittarius and/or Pisces as Jupiter rules these two signs. We just had a new moon on Saturday March 1st making this week a week of building with the increase of the new moons light, barring in mind the Mars and Saturn retrogrades that are especially impeding or are “differently directionally abled.” This will affect those with sun and rising in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius the most. You all will be doing some sort of review, backtrack or just learning to work in a different way. Venus will finally move into new territory and enter Aquarius on March 5. It’s a simpler week than last week was. We need the time to digest what just happened (if you were in fact impacted greatly by it). I for one have felt all sorts of out of sorts and am writing this to you at 2:35 am if that gives you any indication of how a new moon affects a Cancer (it’s our ruling planet). Every new moon and full moon all bets are off for members of the tenacious tribe, so it goes being a sensitive moon child. Back by popular demand are some weekly mantras that are designed for this phase of the moon cycle (crescent to first quarter moon) for optimum growth enhancing goodness. Just remember that in this weather it’s better to grow slowly and deliberately than it is to grow for mere results just so we have the sensation that something is happening. Use mantras at your own risk, change them, and use them when they feel appropriate. I wrote them mostly for Tuesday-Thursday, the meat of the week, but tried to take into consideration your whole solar horoscope. It’s all just one big juicy experiment truth be told. Have at it and take the liberties that you need to. Be well, and love all days and all ways.

Aries & Aries Rising

Sometimes everything must be upturned. All the people from our past must resurface and it seems that an invisible clock gets turned back in time. We walk against the grain and as it chafes our sense of sanity and stability we are remembered to our vulnerability; to love others and to be social creatures that rely on interactions with others is a dicey endeavor. We must remain open to accepting their fluctuating feelings and flights of fancy or we can end up quite mad, indeed. We must balance the weight of disappointment and surprise. We must never, even for a moment, believe that any of it is personal. The human ability to project onto another all it wants to see, feel and be is extraordinary. To stand in the cross-currents of such streams requires a deep rooting and a substantial amount of bend and sway. As Jupiter goes direct in your Forth House of home is where the heart is I suggest that you meditations fall here; what grounds you, what helps you settle the mind back to this one precious moment? What allows the heart to know its home no matter where you are or what you are facing? The new moon is building energy through the first three houses of your chart which have to do with identity, body, ownership, money and communication. They are personal houses a nice remedy and balancer to Mars retrograding through your Seventh House. Weekly Mantra: I put the focus on myself. Whenever I am out of sorts, whenever I am starting to focus or obsess about another, whenever I am deluded with fantasies of cutting everyone that has ever hurt me out of my life I pause, take a breath and ask myself; what do I need right now?What can I give to myself in this moment? How can I be a better support to myself?


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Chani nicholas weekly horoscope

After months of your ruling planet, Venus, being in Capricorn (lengthy because of its retrograde) it will finally shift into Aquarius and your Tenth House of career. An important quality to remember about your ruling planet is that it wants to make connections. As it moves into and through this area of your chart for the next month, I’d like you to meditate on how you could better connect to the people, projects and career opportunities that are awaiting you. As we spoke of last week you are in your final year of grad school getting your MA in Knowing What’s Mine and What’s Yours (aka boundaries for beginners). It’s a funny thing that happens when we start to lay down the law and speak up for ourselves; sometimes we overdo it. Sometimes we are so sure that someone is so much like our father that we refuse to see them as who they are aside from the pattern in us that they trigger. But that is precisely the deal for you right now-knowing who triggers you. This also includes seeing when you are exaggerating the pattern so that you miss the picture. Baits and bath waters my friend, know the difference. By Tuesday morning the waxing crescent moon enters Taurus and your First House of What I Am . On a superficial level you can use this energy to get your ‘do did, a new pair of trousers or just get your body moving. On a deeper level it’s about doing what you need to do to keep your machine running. If you find yourself complaining a lot about another then you know it’s time to just refocus on what you can do for you. It’s important to look good for the battle. It’s more important to have trained for it. Weekly Mantra: My body is the sexiest, most sacred, most bad ass ally that I will ever have. I do not look to the outside world to mirror this back to me. I instead look within following cues about what makes we feel sensually alive. I eat nourishing food; I dress in comfortable and flattering fabrics. My appearance tells the world that I respect this blessed vehicle that is gracious enough to get me around. I honor my physical needs as I know this is a way of honoring my emotional and spiritual ones as well.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Chani Nicholas Full Moon

Truth arises out of quiet moments. Truth doesn’t need to grandstand, force, yell, be showy or outrageous. It can be as powerful as an earthquake in its shattering resonance but it comes from a quiet, still place. Truth doesn’t doubt itself because it isn’t a concept; it’s a law that can be applied universally. This week offers more quiet than the last one. I encourage you to use it for a moment of personal integration and synthesis. Jupiter stations direct in your Second House of Cash Money and Other Ways of Evaluating One’s Wealth on Thursday. You may well feel a real financial shift but you could also get a lesson in good old-fashioned self esteem. I know, eye roll. How do we find self esteem in the face of a world that loves only the white, skinny, able-bodied, straight, conforming Barbie and Ken? Even if you physically fit into the mold, spiritually it’s soul-crushing whether you know it or not. Those that have been forced to live on the outskirts of society have always known that one must cultivate a stubborn resistance to outside forces or drown in the onslaught of racist, sexist, gender binary do’s and don’ts. Unless one never looks to anyone else for acceptance it’s pretty price one pays around these parts just to express the natural essence that we’re born with. If we rely, even for a moment, on the props of the material world we have lost our way spiritually. We have to spend the time making our way back. This doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy money and what it does, but when we make our life about only that we lose everything else (joy for instance) rapidly. This past Saturday’s new moon occurred in your Tenth House of career and will continue to bloom through your Eleventh House of friends and spend Tuesday-Thursday in your Twelfth House of undoing. So it looks like the trick for you this week is to give the middle of it up to the currents that be. You know that old saying, let go or get dragged? Keep it close this weekend. By Friday the moon is back in your sign and start to heat up as it squares the sun. Take action if it’s there to take, especially if it’s work related. Weekly Mantra: I keep my ear to my heart because it is gloriously silent here. Truth lives here and also all the knowing I will ever need. I trust the quieter moments and know that I don’t need to fill them with anything, they are already full. All I need to do is listen like my life depends on it, because it does.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

These past eight months should have brought you a tremendous amount of energy. This isn’t to say ease, just an increase of whatever was present and percolating. This is in large part due to that fact that Jupiter has been in your sign. This Thursday will station direct in your First House of I Am. I hope that a part of Jupiter’s stay in your sign is one of understanding this statement in its more complex forms. You are not your job, your status or your title. These things in part define you because they reflect either your choices or your options. However you are, we are something so much deeper than all of that. We are also that unchanging, boundless, energetic force that birthed all of creation. We are THAT. Everything else is just part of an elaborate costume we are trying on for a moment, a very important one, but a moment nonetheless. This past weekend’s new moon was surely felt by your tribe; it is your ruling planet after all, making every new moon and full moon a something in your life. This new moon gathers light and therefore growing power, through your career and friendship houses this week. It is brimming with energy to use towards these endeavors. Keep outlining the projects you want to accomplish but know that the ruler of your career house, Mars, just went retrograde in your fourth house of home, roots and family. This means that it may not be the easiest time for you to put big projects forward (if you can give it ten (!) weeks, if you can’t then just live your life, duh). It also means that it may be a challenging time that feels all sorts of ungrounded. It is however a powerful time to connect to your roots and cut away familial guilt that holds you back and doesn’t help your life move forward. Weekly Mantra: I arrive in this moment, fully, especially during the times when all I want to do is disappear. I simply ask myself to feel my feet, to feel my body, to know where I am in time and space. I am HERE, I have every right to be here and it’s exactly where the universe wants me to be. I take up the space that is mine to take up. Because I do I am able to offer my silence, my carefully weighed words, and my explosive humor. Because I am both mindful and playful I feel at ease.

Leo & Leo Rising

We are really only here to be a part of our life. We aren’t the whole thing-as long as our egos don’t take over entirely. Sitting with the anxiety that this lack of control can cause is formidable at times and unmistakable once we get keen to spying it. Our anxiety make us do a myriad of things; beg for others acceptance, manipulate, care take when we don’t want to or demand that others listen to our lengthy stories and explanations. When you really start to witness all the things that you are asking for from others it’s kind of astounding. What if no one ever had to make you feel ok again? What if that was entirely your job? Many of us are addicted to the sensation of a person. We do not take into account their actual personality or soul. We easily get addicted to the rush we feel when we are in their presence. The question (for those of us with relationship issues) is do we actually like them as a person? Venus, one of the planets responsible for bringing things together through feelings of connectedness and love, moves into your Seventh House of All I Can See Is Your Clothes on My Floor Right Now. Those of you with major crushes will have a great opportunity to check their foundations. Seeing who we are attracted to and why is a fascinating study of our psychological make-up. Knowing what we are asking of others is a priceless discovery. The emerging new moon will spend from Tuesday-Thursday in your Tenth House of Career so use the energy to move something forward in this domain of your life, especially now that the planet that is ruling that house, Venus strikes again, is out of its latest retrograde shadow. Weekly Mantra: As I clean up my expectations of others I am better able to focus my energy on my work in the world. I am awake to the powerful, erotic energy that is present when I am with certain someones. I enjoy it as well as take care of myself by not letting it run my life into the ground.

Virgo & Virgo Rising


I can’t imagine that some part of your social circle isn’t calling for a bit of a change of guard. I say this while knowing full well that we have been talking for a while about how much you have been expanding in this area of your life. However we can only expand so much before having to release some of the excess bloating-not everyone that you have picked up along the way is meant to stay. This may be an entirely self-selecting process where social situations naturally alter themselves. Trust the process and don’t take it personally. Folks in your community may start to increasingly look to you for answers and you may find yourself in increasingly interesting situations where you are asked to take the lead. Take it. This is no time to play it small and no time to pretend like you don’t know what you know. The other piece to put in your pocket for the coming weeks is more about acknowledgement than anything else. I know it can be fun to berate oneself about how things have not been done, done well or done on time. I get it; the seductions of inadequacy are hard to disentangle oneself from. They become familiar friends that we can’t see as foes, like your old pair of jeans that feel so familiar but are far from flattering(seriously, get rid of them). In order to combat some of your sneakier self-defeating ways I want you to do the following; Every night I want you to write a list of 5 things that you did well, things you took care of, things that you followed up on or anything else that will help your life function. Then I want you to email it to yourself and just glance at it in the morning as your own kind of self-affirming mantra. Weekly Mantra: Today I will accomplish many little tasks with great ease. TCB makes me feel sexy, confident and powerful, I sweetly serve my day and it affectionately serves me back.

Chani nicholas weekly horoscope

Libra & Libra Rising

It isn’t easy having lava for blood, especially when it is usually something more akin to champagne. Your usual mode of connecting and initiating relationships has changed, because you have, momentarily that is. You may be more brittle, apt to breaking, crumbling or screaming at a moment’s notice. It’s ok, though it doesn’t feel that way; it’s just a new opportunity to learn how to take care of yourself. As we have been talking about, these next month’s are about creating appropriate boundaries. They are also about body, what it needs, what it craves, what it is sustained by. You may all of a sudden crave a steak, rare. You may all of a sudden don a black leather biker jacket and get a motorcycle to match. You may want to disconnect from the ones you always connected to or they may from you. The point is to be willing to grow spiritually because of the circumstances that dog you; they are there for a reason. I suggest doing things that will cool down your inner inferno and water the parts that are drying out. If you are anywhere that has a moderate temperature, go put your feet in the ocean/lake or nearby stream. Drink water with mint when you get flustered or put a little mint essential oil on the soles of your feet. Think of cool marble or metal or your favorite body of water. Eat avocados, coconut oil and cut way back on sugar and caffeine and see it helps. Go to soothing environments, places that help you remember a state of calm and wellbeing when you start to run on fumes. Your body needs things, give them to it, because if you don’t no one else will. This week Jupiter will change directions in your Tenth House of She Works Hard for the Money. This hopeful means you won’t have to work as hard for even greater results. Your ruling planet, Venus, changes signs moving into the pleasure motivated Fifth House, making it essential that you enjoy some part of yourself. As the new moon builds through the relationship sector of your chart it’s a great time to build some of your business contacts and smooth out some of the relationship snafu’s that have been erupting. Weekly Mantra: I honor my natural abilities to work with and co-create with other. Meanwhile I will continue maintaining and developing my emerging need for boundaries that up until now I may not have known about. I take time to cool down so I can cooperate knowing full well that ‘no’ is a complete sentence that I don’t have to explain or apologize for.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The most grounding astrological force (yes, we are still talking about Saturn in your sign) is with you and will be for the next year, though as of December onward it will start to leave periodically. So the question is have you become more grounded? Are you able to (mostly) stay in the day without jumping hither and thither to the future and the past? Are you able to say to yourself, just for today I will not anger or worry or regret? Just for today I will earn my living honestly and show gratitude to all living things? I will respect the things about my elders that I can respect? I will honor the lineage I come from by showing up for this day promising to enter it one step at a time? Have you come to terms with showing up more consistently? Have you taken up the charge to be your own boss, your own author and do you practice calling your energy back into your body on a daily basis? Let’s go over that last one just for clarification. Every night and possibly every morning before you sleep or start your day put your hands on your belly and scan yourself. Are there parts of you still lingering with others? Are there parts of you that are leaps and bounds ahead of you? Try to still yourself and be the master of your own energy by calling back every single particle of your being back into your body, into your own energy field. Keep calling it in until you feel like you have fully collected yourself. It’s important not only for you to be responsible on the earthly plane but also on the psychic/energetic one as well. Jupiter stations direct in your Ninth House of Insatiable Appetites for the New. You may find that your philosophy on life starts to collect itself into a cohesive concoction. Something may make sense for a change especially if you are able to apply the first part of this horoscope to your daily routine. By Tuesday the New Moon is gathering light through the section of your chart that deals with relationships and will be there until Thursday evening. The majority of the week will be a dance between an emotional need for connection and a growing urgency to keep your house in order. Weekly Mantra: I can honor my need for intimacy without losing myself in others. I do this by being consistent with contemplative practices that help me to call my energy back to my center and I happily return.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is stationing direct this week which is good news for you. This influence should help things move forward in your life, especially if you are working on joint ventures, business plans with others and sharing resources (money, time, and talent). This forward motion isn’t without its cautionary tales though. As Jupiter gains some speed and mileage it’s heading straight for a WWF style knock-down, drag-out grand cross with Mars, Uranus and Pluto come April. This month is a minor pit stop on the way to a spring that’s singing a very unnerving tune. Therefore, I suggest that you go ahead with your plans but make sure not to put all of your ducks in a basket or eggs in a row because you are going to want to have some wiggle room to see how April pans out. I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy (apologies to all the Nancy’s out there) but it’s more than just a very powerful and unusual grand cross because it is surrounded by two eclipses. Eclipses are events that are notorious for unseen eruptions and situations that can make one feel like they are being chased by deranged, wild geese. Speaking of relationships, Venus planted of Love and connectivity, has just moved into your Third House of communication which means it’s a good time to focus on sweetness of speech. You know the golden rule; if you can’t say it nicely, go home, you aren’t fit to play with the other kids right now. There’s quite a bit brewing in all your communication/relationship houses; Mars just went retrograde in your Eleventh House of friends and the new moon will reach its first quarter square to the sun in your Seventh House of intimate relationships. Mars will have you wanting to sever ties rather than repairing them. Use Venus’s influence of finding similarity to sweeten the pot and stave off any ill-tempered tantrums. Venus is also in the house associated with Goddess so some of your affections can be directed at her through prayer and/or meditation. When all else fails, sit down, get quiet, go inside and pray until something happens. Weekly Mantra: I will say what I mean unless it would be mean to say it. I will use my words to create beauty, unity and connection between my world and myself. I speak my truth with a great deal of compassion and empathy for those that may not understand my point of view. Or you can just go with the sandbox favorite: I will not hit Jimmy in the head with my shovel. I will not hit Jimmy in the head with my shovel…

Capricorn& Capricorn Rising Capricorn monthly horoscope 2021.

Without seeing the beauty in other beings this life is hardly worth the air we breathe. It’s humanity that is so heartening, to see a possibility of genius in another that we didn’t even know existed lets us know that it is possible for us as well. Sometimes this beauty is searing in its heat because we know that we can never hold it; that it is only ours to witness and like a puff of smoke it has melded into the air around us. Sometime we mistake the fleeting fume for something that should be more substantive, solid and tangible. Sometimes we hold onto these memories and times with a morbid attachment until the thing itself has rotted and decayed. What kind of mother would birth us into a world so impermanent while giving us the desire to pin everything down into nice little piles? What kind of justice is there in knowing that we will love and lose it all? No answers here, just the gentle suggestion that the more we enjoy the moments with those around us, the more we are actually fed by such interactions. Perhaps we come to understand the nature and laws of different relationships. All this to say Capricorn, Venus has finally moved on (who knew she could be so clingy?) to another sign leaving you free for the moment but just in time for Jupiter to station direct in your Seventh House of Knocks Me Off My Feet. Jupiter is energizing this area of your chart. This is good for all of your relationships and focusing on the good that they are bringing you will help; but so too does keeping an eye on your fear, jealousy and your need to control what others do, say and think. We are a whole picture, not just fragments of good without its opposite, or so the skies tell us. Weekly Mantra: Every time I find myself wanting to hold tightly onto a person place or thing, I gently remind myself that I have everything I need within me. I practice loving everyone with an open hand, the same way I would wish to be loved.

Aquarius &Aquarius Rising

Integrity has the word integral within it, which means whole. What does it mean to walk through the world whole, keeping in mind that wholeness may be up for dispute let us stay instead intact. If you walk into the barbershop are you as intact as when you walk into the bank, as when you walk into your bedroom or the boardroom? Are you coming from the same set of values and beliefs? Do you check certain things at certain doors that are central to your mental health and spirit well-being? Your tribe is the least among us to waiver on such convictions but your ruling planet, Saturn, is holding you a little tighter to the task since it stationed retrograde this past Sunday in your Tenth House of Nowhere To Hide/You Are On Blast/This Is Your Life.We can all generally use a cleanup in this area from time to time. You are ready for yours right about…… now. The other interesting plot point that is working its way to you this week is that Venus, the great connector and facilitator of love is moving into your sign for the next month. I am digging the combination here because as you have a clearer sense of your integrity. Here’s the opportunity to exercise how to stay true to it so you will be able to call in things that are resonant with that. Take a look at how you are being the connector in your world and let Venus bring the world to you in a new way. It’s also the start of a Venus cycle so to speak, as the planet moves through your First House its initiating you into another go ‘round of understanding how you work with this magnetic, connective cosmic tissue. Relationships are our greatest teachers but they are like a stern, harsh, hard-ass principal when we don’t keep our integrity intact. Jupiter is stationing direct in your Sixth House of Wash, Rinse, and Repeat (work and service). This should help that area of life and money in general start to flow again. Your Weekly Mantra is short and sweet: Do I have integrity in this moment with this decision in this interaction? Does this choice resonate with me and help me move forward on a path I am proud of? All day, strong.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is rebounding from its latest retrograde and will station direct on Thursday. Jupiter raises the energy of whatever it touches, which is a significant statement to make for your sign. You do so in a way that integrates, includes and connects pieces of your world, worldview and universe. The end of Jupiter’s retrograde is the end of a period of review for you around your thoughts and beliefs about love, pleasure, romance and all things passionately pleasing. Might I add that I hope you got some and some more of whatever brings you these things or are clearer at the very least about what does and does not increase the peace. I say this bearing in mind last weekend’s new moon in your sign which is building steam throughout the first four houses of your chart this week. The moon will spend from Tuesday to Thursday in your Third House of communication, Goddess and divination. Since Jupiter stations direct on Thursday I’m wondering if you can’t use this portion of the week to pay very close attention to your intuition in the most playful of ways. One of my elders used to always say that Tarot cards where made as cards for a reason; they should be playfully used with a healthy side dish of reverence. “Reading” the energies around us, listening to the things that stick in our mind, clang around in our dreamtime and continue to show up to an almost alarming rate are signs from our life that want to be interacted with. This doesn’t have to be a somber affair. A true authority is able to be as quirky as they are skillful, as eccentric as they are dutiful and as experimental as they are thoughtful. As Saturn starts it’s long journey retrograde in your Ninth House of It’s High Time You Took Your Spiritual Life and Philosophical Pursuits Seriously Because We need You Input I encourage you to stay open to multiple ways of finding your truth and holding multiple truths at once. It’s a yes, and kind of thing. Weekly Mantra: I open up to my inner vision. I trust that life shows up on multiple levels all of the time. I don’t read too much into anything. I also know that most of life works in mysterious ways and taking things at face value only is just silly. I open to multiple ways of knowing, knowing that my conscious mind sometimes takes a minute to catch up to my heart mind.

*edited by Laurence Joseph Jones