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Astrology is the study of the supposed influence of stars and planets on human life. Astrology is in use since time immemorial. Although, Astronomy has been in controversies in this scientific age, but it still owes its own importance in the society. B. 4 planets in one house vedic astrology. Sc in Astrology is a Bachelors level course. This course aims at providing the students with information’s on the effect of the orientation of stars and planets on the human life.

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Bsc Astrology Distance Education

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Is There A Degree In Astrology


M.Sc in Astrology is a two-year postgraduate program divided into four equal semesters. The course is designed to impart knowledge about the influence of planets, stars and celestial bodies on everyday human life. Astrological practices have been in practice since ancient times and according to the history people still, have the same belief. Astrology is a love language shared with the Divine that is spoken in countless and evolving ways. The conversation is rooted in ancient living symbols that manifest as archetypes, deities, psychological concepts, emotions, physical energies, stories, mythologies, and symptoms of the mind, body, and spirit.

For doing a B.Sc in Astrology one should have passed their higher secondary exams from a recognized board. The minimum age requirement for doing this course is 17 years. The admission to this course is merit based and depends on the marks acquired by the candidates in the higher secondary board exam.


Course outlook


B.Sc in Astrology is a 3 year course, which are divided into three parts comprising of one year each. At the end of each year the student has to pass in the main University exam to get promoted to the next year. This course is also offered as a distance learning course by the institutions like UGC etc.

Job Prospects

Astrologer in adambakkam ireland

After completing the B.Sc in Astrology one can get jobs in Newspaper and Magazines as a fortune teller. One may also join the media like the News channels. There is also a scope of further studies like M.Sc in Astrology.

Best Places to Pursue

K. P. Astrological Research Institute, Chennai
Bharti Institute of Vedic Astrology
Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith, Calcutta
Madhurai Kamraj University

Bsc Astrology Characteristics


Is there a degree in astrologyBsc Astrology

Bsc Astrology Meaning