Being In A Relationship Even If Astrologically Not Compatible

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Theirs is an idealistic, sensual, passionate relationship with a mystical connotation made up of strong emotions and sensations. Check out your love horoscope 2021 for more insights on what's to come in your love life, as well as the zodiac pairs that are most attracted to each other. The ability to feel the relationship is always evolving and growing. Excitement and sudden changes. A magnetic feeling between the two involved. Challenging: Not being able to count on the other, too many changes for the sake of change, non committal, irresponsible, unconventional, too independent, cannot be “caught”, selfish. Jan 04, 2021 Do you know the difference between solar and lunar eclipses? Use this guide to understand the meaning behind all the eclipses in 2021, their dates, and how they can affect our lives.

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It’s happening; astrology and dating are becoming a thing, with even Bumble launching an astrology filter, so you might need some insight into sign compatibility.

While popular astrology tells us that signs of the same element work well together, this is not always the case.

As you may already know, there are four elements in western astrology, which star signs are within; fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and water (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio).

The rule of thumb says people of the same element work very well together as they “get” each other. Fire signs typically love action and drama, seeking to entertain and be entertained. Earth signs tend to value stability, routine and the security of ownership. Air signs love to talk, think, read and discuss. Water signs are emotional, sensitive and nurturing. However, while there is a basic synergy between elements, we can have too much of a good thing.

A vital piece of information that popular astrology excludes is the position of your moon sign. When considering compatibility, apply the same concept of elements. Just as the Moon is always changing its appearance in the sky, the astrological Moon rules our fluctuating emotions. It has a huge influence upon our “love language” and it is important to know this zodiac placement when considering potential partners and relationships. Remember: you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.

While it’s great to have likeminded friends with a complementary element, it can be intoxicating to find lovers who are different to us. There is a basic synergy between elements, but we can have too much of a good thing. Though, with enough awareness and love, any relationship can thrive.


Aries loves action, making things happen and playing to win.
Seek out: The air signs are a good match for Aries as they enjoy debate and are not too sensitive, so won’t be easily wounded by any hot-headed Aries remarks.
Potential challenge: Gemini poses a potential challenge for Taurus who prefers calm, quiet, peaceful relaxation and does not want to enter into the endless conversations that Gemini wants and needs.
Surprise match: Capricorn. Though Capricorn lacks fiery optimism they share Aries ambition that pair can be truly industrious together.


Acva the main vedic astrology. The most important thing to know about Taurus is that it loathes change.
Seek out:
Loyal, kind and a lover of nature, any of the earth or water signs pair happily with this steady sign. Cancer clings to the past and the things they love as much as Taurus, meaning together these two can build a lovely home.
Potential challenge: Gemini poses a potential challenge for Taurus, who prefers calm, quiet, peaceful relaxation and isn’t on for entering into the endless conversations they wants and needs.
Surprise match: Sagittarius. Not the most obvious match for a Taurus as Sagittarius has a passion for travel and adventure that can makes a Taurus’ eyes water! However when considering a whole natal chart, these two share a love of the great outdoors and their alternative perspectives can be mutually supportive.


Planets in Gemini thrive on change and variety.
Seek out: Other air signs are brilliant for a Gemini as they can talk and rationalise, and both have the ability to remain slightly detached and independent. The light, ever-changing, mercurial nature of Gemini needs to be able to come and go on a whim, or at least disappear into a book for a few hours each evening!
Potential challenge: Capricorn can help Gemini focus, but Capricorn’s love of rules could cause friction when expectations are set within the relationship that restrict the movement of Gemini.
Surprise match: Virgo. Both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury. What sign is most compatible with aquarius male. These two will WhatsApp each other all day and night as they have a need to communicate. Virgo is slightly more practical and grounded than Gemini, but can speak a language that Gemini understands to help them do less and focus their brilliant mind on something constructive.


It is said that Cancer is Scorpio in an apron!
Seek out: The water signs blend brilliantly as they are all fluent in the language of emotion. As already mentioned, Taurus and the earth signs match well with Cancer due to their love of togetherness and dislike of change. Though all earth and water signs soothe and are soothed by Cancerian nurturance.
Potential challenge: Sagittarius loves freedom and to ‘tell it like it is’, often wounding the sensitive crab who will either retreat into their shell or defensively attack their mate.
Surprise match: Cancer and Leo get on well because of a mutual love of children and and their buzzy creative streak. Leo loves the limelight while Cancer can be shy, but this just means they are not competing for the spotlight and can support one another.


Leo loves to feel special and enjoys the attention of others.
Seek out: Leos are somewhat of an anomaly and in a relationship they can work well together, like a pride of lions strutting their stuff together. The other fire and air signs blend well with Leo as they allow these extroverts to explore life with abandon.
Potential challenge: Any sign who challenges the leadership of Leo poses a threat, which is a definite possibility from fellow fire sign Sagittarius or the cutting truth of Aquarius.
Surprise match:
Scorpio is an alternative love match that can work as the natural sex appeal of the Scorpion draws the attention of the glamour-loving Leo. Loyalty is essential for this pair who are both prone to jealousy and possessiveness. Not necessarily an easy match, but a truly passionate pairing.


Virgo loves feeling helpful, organising and being healthy.
Seek out: Anyone who dreams of a simple life could envy the beautiful way earth signs match. The earth signs go to work, create lovely homes and plan luxurious holidays. Predictability is the dream of the Virgo in love who feels at ease when they know the plan.
Potential challenge: Humility is a core character trait of Virgo, alongside critical and cautious characteristics, so the self-confidence of Aries can be baffling and they may not see eye to eye in their approach.
Surprise match: The Gemini-Virgo compatibility is worth repeating as the mutual understanding between these two signs is fantastic. Gemini may change the plan a bit too much for Virgo, but they will at least communicate their changes.


Libra in love is looking for someone to enjoy life with; someone who appreciates harmony, beauty and aesthetically pleasing interiors.
Seek out: The air signs are perfect for Libra as they love the art of conversation and secretly love the heated debates that the fire signs engage them in.
Potential challenge: Fellow air sign Aquarius is famously direct and far more concerned with ideas and innovation than appearances, meaning Libra will have to let go of any desire to portray an image of a perfectly united couple as Aquarius exposes his autonomy.
Surprise match: While Pisces is not famous for their love of talking, they are sensitive, refined and delicate. Ever-accommodating Libra and dream-weaving Pisces like things to appear idealistically beautiful, with Libra enjoying the artistic, mystical nature of their Pisces pals.


Scorpio in love is looking for loyalty and control. Even emotional Pisces can be too flighty for this intense water sign, that is often referred to as “fiery water.”
Seek out: Earth signs are wonderful for Scorpio as they are reliable and straightforward enough for them to trust. Taurus energy in particular as their absolute loyalty and disdain for change is ideal for the Scorpion.
Potential challenge: Gemini loves change, is something of a trickster and cannot be relied upon; this is anathema to the Scorpion who needs to be able to trust and rely upon their partner.
Surprise match:
They also do well with fixed signs Leo and Aquarius as security is everything.


As well as being an idealist and an incurable romantic, Sagittarius is optimistic and adventurous; a combination which does not lead to Sagittarius ‘settling’. Independent and happy to travel solo, this sign is looking for fun, magic and big dreams.
Seek out: Fire and air signs will explore these dizzy heights together with joy, but the Leo need for control can lead to tempers flying.
Potential challenge: Any partner who responds negatively to the sometimes thoughtless, but usually well meaning, words and deeds of Sagittarius will be discarded. Cancer and Scorpio should approach with caution.
Surprise match:
Pisces is another sign that dreams big and will not try to control the Sagittarius. The depth of emotion Pisces delivers is fascinating for the explorative Sagittarius, and these two share visions and dreams.

Being In A Relationship Even If Astrologically Not Compatible

Being In A Relationship Even If Astrologically Not Compatible To Be


Capricorn is looking for someone to build (meaning work towards relentlessly) their dream life with. This earth sign is very pragmatic and believes that love walks out the door when the cash runs out.
Seek out: Capricorn and the other earth signs make a good pairing as they have a mutual respect for financial security.
Potential challenge: Frivolity is not valued by the hardworking, regulated and pragmatic goat, so the gambling and seemingly reckless Sagittarius can be too optimistic and wild.
Surprise match:
Though Aquarius is freedom-orientated, this sign thinks big, values integrity and is focused on bettering themselves and society.


Aquarius is too busy innovating and plotting to improve the world.
Seek out: Not famous for their warm hugs, this sign is exceptionally rational and will naturally gravitate towards other air signs.
Potential challenge: Pisces is a sign of dreams, visions and escapism, which is contrary to the exceptionally rational Aquarian approach. While they both have big dreams, the Pisces penchant for fantasy might exasperate the Aquarius.
Surprise match:
The curious Aquarius’s fascination with Cancer’s depth of emotion and their natural talent to nurture can lead to a compatible pairing.


Being In A Relationship Even If Astrologically Not Compatible Chart

An old romantic, Pisces people will write you songs, poems, paint pictures and maybe, in the past, they favoured a mix tape!
Seek out: Water signs will seduce each other and merge effortlessly into a romantic union. However when it comes to creating a successful relationship, this sign will thrive with the practicality of an earth sign. It is said that Pisces is a culmination of all the signs of the zodiac so they could adapt to any sign of the zodiac.
Potential challenge: Lover of and friend to all, the most challenging sign for Pisces could be Aries who wants to push them into action before they are ready.
Surprise match:
The Aries x Pisces combination works because Aries can act and build upon the big dreams and creative talents of the fish.

Remember, every relationship has its challenges and strengths and, whilst some pairings seem astrologically compatible, it can be those with the most differences and potentials for friction that grow and achieve the most together. As with our personal lives, our relationships thrives depending on our attitude, approach and ability to problem solve.

Francesca Oddie is an astrologer who consults, talks, YouTubes and hosts events internationally. She studied at the London School of Astrology, The Faculty of Astrological Studies, The Astrological Lodge of London and The College of Psychic Studies.

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