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Astrology Birth chart or the Natal Chart is a astrological chart which shows the position of the sun, the moon and other planets at the exact time of a person's birth at a particular place on earth. To draw an accurate birth chart of rasi chart, one has to know his date. When the sub lords of all the three planets are of male nature the sex of the child will be male without any fail. When the sub lord of all the three planets are of female type, then child will be of female sex.

  1. Baby Gender Vedic Astrology Compatibility

During pregnancy, different questions will bother our mind: How our baby looks like?Whether our unborn kid is a boy or a girl? Which type of eye color he/she can possess? etc. When it comes to baby gender prediction, there will be various ways to do that such as using a wedding ring, checking the baby’s heartbeat, identifying the morning sickness, and so forth. Have you ever tried with Vedic Astrology Prediction once? To be designed for any childbirth-related purpose, this chart will be one of the useful and effective methods of determining the baby’s sex.

There will be many simple rules which govern the gender determination of the babies. For the boy nativity, the first kid will be determined by the lord of the 5th house from Saptamsa Lagna while for the girl nativity, the first kid will be identified by the 9th house lord from Saptamsa Lagna.

Furthermore, for the male nativity, subsequent baby will be determined by the lords of every 3rd house from the 5th in the direct order. As a result, the second child will be identified from the lord of the 7th house, the third kid from the 9th house lord and the fourth child from the 11th house lord, etc.

In the same taste, for the female nativity, the subsequent baby will be determined by the lords of the every 3rd house from the 9th in the reverse order. As a consequence, the second child will be identified from the lord of the 7th house, the third kid from the 5th house lord and the fourth child from the 3rd lord, etc.

A boy baby will be forecasted if the lord of the child is:

  • Placed in the odd sign, Pisces or Cancer.
  • Conjunct the Sun, mars, Rahu or Jupiter (known as male planets).
  • Exalted or conjoins the exalted planets.
  • A girl baby will be predicted in case the lord of the child is:

    • Placed in the even sign, Aquarius or Gemini.
    • Conjunct the Moon, Mercury, Ketu, Venus (known as feminine planets) or Saturn.
    • Debilitated or conjoins the debilitated planets.

    Time for childbirth

    • It is believed that birth of babies will happen during the Dasa of planets that have Argala on Saptamsa Lagnesh.
    • Any individual child will be welcomed during the Antardasa of the lord of the baby, its depositor or the lords of the 8th or 3rd from the Lagna. If there is a conflict between the indications of the Aaptamsa of the soon-to-be mother and father, the results need to be prophesied from the male horoscope.
    • In general, a boy kid will be born in 6 Rasi compared with the Kendra/Kona from Janma Rasi of Saptamsa of dad. For instance, the Janma Rasi of the son will be the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th from Saptamsa Rasi of the dad. In addition, a girl kid will be born with the remaining 6 Rasi such as 3rd, 6th, 11th or 12th from the Saptamsa moon of the father.

    In short, along with this chart, some people have a tendency to use Chinese Gender Predictionchart – one of the simple and efficient ways to determine the child’s sex. In fact, we can find it easy to search for this chart on the Internet. All things we need are to remember the month of getting conception and our exact age at the conception. It is time to use two charts to have a fascinating comparison of these charts’ usefulness and effectiveness.

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    Pregnancy is always filled with both excitement and anxiety.

    Expectant mothers have to wait for over 9 months to meet their baby. But throughout the pregnancy period, soon-to-be parents have great anticipation for the gender of unborn children.

    They cannot resist their curiosity to find out the baby gender.

    Besides, some need to know this matter beforehand in order to plan lots of things for their little one including the name, cradle, wall color, etc.

    Well, there’s no harm in trying Indian gender predictor 2021!

    Find The Answer To Your Baby Gender Prediction…!

    Boy or girl? This is the common question all parents want the answer to.

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    If you are eager to discover whether you are carrying a boy or a girl, then have a look at the Indian gender prediction chart. Similar to the Chinese baby gender calendar and Mayan gender chart, this method is claimed to deliver true predictions regarding the sex of babies.

    Accurate Baby Gender Prediction

    Though determining the gender of a baby before birth is probably a difficult job, there are still several proven techniques that could foretell it with ease.

    In this article, I’m going to inform you about the Indian gender chart based on Vedic astrology – it is considered as one of most reliable tools to predict the baby gender.

    Nowadays, guessing the sex of your fetus can be done quickly via free India baby gender calculator. Simply type your age at the time of conception and your month of conception; then, you’ll immediately get the result of whether you are having a boy or a girl.

    Please note that this tool is just relative, not absolute; thus, don’t expect it to always offer accurate predictions.

    No scientific as well as medical proof, Indian gender prediction chart is mainly served for entertaining purpose like any other online gender predictor.

    What decides the baby gender?

    According to the baby gender prediction Indian astrology, the sex of a child is governed by many different aspects.

    The 5th House’s ruler from Saptamsa Lagna will help ascertain if the first baby inside your womb is a boy or not. On the other hand, you are able to tell whether you conceive a girl in the first time if learning about the 9th House ruler from Saptamsa Lagna.

    How about the subsequent children?

    The predictor then will gain insight from the 3rd House’s ruler in the reverse order and come with the result.

    For those who crave to conceive a baby girl:

    • The second female child will be decided by the ruler of the 7th House
    • The third female child will be determined by the ruler of the 5th House
    • The fourth female child will be uncovered by the ruler of the 3rd House

    How to know you’ve conceived a boy?

    Many couples wonder whether they can expect a baby boy with Indian astrology.

    The answer is yes!

    The expecting mother is carrying a boy child if the ruler of the Lord of House connected with House of Children is found stopped at the odd signs namely Pisces or Cancer. In addition, you’ll also get pregnant with a boy if the ruler is in conjunction with the Sun, Mars, Rahu, or Jupiter.

    What’s more?

    Another way to make sure you will give birth to a boy is to check if the ruler of the Progeny House is in an exalted position and found conjoined with exalted planets.

    When a girl child can be expected…

    Baby Gender Vedic Astrology

    There are more and more women wanting to get pregnant to a baby girl.

    By observing the Lord of House’s ruler connected with the Progeny House, you are predicted to conceive a little girl if it is found transited to the even signs, specifically Aquarius or Gemini.

    Moreover, your unborn child shall be the daughter if the ruler of the Progeny House is combined with the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, or Ketu.

    You can tell you are expecting a female child in case the ruler of your House of Children unites all debilitated planets additionally.

    Baby Gender Vedic Astrology Compatibility

    How accurate is this India baby gender chart 2021?

    When it comes to the accuracy of the method here, well…it does not have an absolute perfect rate but is not too bad as well. To many people who have tried this before, they think its accuracy is somewhere between 70% and 98% accurate.

    Nevertheless, you should not completely trust the outcome since no good scientific evidence was found. Not to mention that this gender chart does not include mothers who are younger than 18 or older than 45.

    In fact, the chart is just 50% accurate.

    But then again the Indian gender prediction chart is a fun non-medical prediction method that you should try aside from Chinese gender calculator and other old wives’ tales.

    If you still not have a baby yet, then one free pregnancy psychic prediction is the best option for your assistance.

    Plan Your Pregnancy with Indian Baby Predictor

    In a few countries like India, parents are not allowed to figure out the fetus’s gender through an ultrasound scan – this is even seen as an illegal act.

    Therefore, Indian moms tend to look for help from Vedic astrology.

    Baby gender vedic astrology characteristics

    Is it possible to give birth to a healthy child with bright future with the support of astrology or Vedic tactics?

    Definitely yes!

    Vedic astrology 2020 predictions

    What is Indian baby plan predictor?

    Aquarius horoscope susan miller. The Indian baby plan predictor (also known as Vedic child planner) is an online tool used to describe a plan helping you conceive a healthy and full of fortune child using Indian Vedic scriptures and Vedic Sutras.

    The predictions based on astrology, scriptures, Hindu Vedas will give clarity and answer to the question: “How to plan a child before pregnancy and birth?” By knowing that, you can make a good preparation to ensure the baby will have a prosper future.

    Of course you can give birth to a happy and healthy child in the future.

    Following the astrology recommendations, your unborn baby may have a bright and good future. But, most significantly, the key is up to the exact time you conceive before becoming pregnant.

    By using Vedic child planner, you will know the most ideal time for intercourse. Select your menstruation date and this tool will immediately show the best nights for you and your partner to make love.

    The most auspicious time for conception

    How to conceive a good and healthy child utilizing the Indian baby plan predictor?

    Because of the good constellation or Nakshtra, Tithi and days seem to be a good intercourse time for an auspicious future in your baby’s horoscope. In case the best constellation, Tithi and days will come to you at the night of intercourse.

    Here are some constellations indicating the intercourse night: Rohini, Dashmi, Hast, Punarvsu, Tritiya, Tithi Divitiya, Uttarashadha, Sharvan, Pushya, Aarda, etc.

    And days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

    These rules are good and can apply to both boy baby and girl baby.

    On the other hand, there are several constellations that you should avoid if you don’t want negative energy to affect your child.

    Have a glimpse into bad constellations should be avoided when you and your partner have the intercourse at night…they are: Jyeshtha, Chaturdashi, Ashlesha, Purnima, Navmi, Amavasyaa, and so on. Additionally, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are days you also need to stay away from.

    With the Bhadra and Sarhaad constellations, time of afternoon and evening should be avoided.

    Overall, don’t mistaken this prediction as the medical advice or treatment – actually, the method mentioned above are just for people into astrology and should be taken just for fun. If you decide to try, then it’s your own choice and risk.

    Visitors are advised to consult the doctor first!

    2021 Chinese Baby Gender Chart for India

    Astrology chart. Not only make use of Indian gender prediction chart, Indian woman also use the Chinese gender predictor calculator to select the desired gender for their upcoming pregnancy.

    Autumn is a good season to conceive baby boy.

    Vedic astrology 2020 predictions

    Hence, August, September, and October are estimated to have the highest sex ratio in the India. Of all these months, September becomes the best month to get conceive a boy for most Indian women.

    Consider July, August, September, October and November if you want to give birth to a baby with the male gender. In case you prefer a baby girl more, then February, March, April and January would be your favorable months.

    Chinese gender calculator has the high accuracy in gender prediction.

    In short, if you have any question related to Indian gender prediction chart using Vedic astrology, leave your comment below.


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