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Taurus Horoscope for March 2021 February 28, 2021. January was a time to plant the seeds for new ventures, and last month, February, brought attention to your career. They included a solar new moon eclipse on March 20, 2015 in Pisces at 29 degrees, and later, a solar eclipse September 12 in Virgo at 20 degrees arrived. Two eclipses in the Aries-Libra family dotted the year too, with a lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4, at 14 degrees, and lunar eclipse full moon September 27 Aries 5 degrees.


This is a month that is very internally focused for you Taurus, and you must not be afraid. Much of who you are lies beneath the surface layers of your psyche, and it has become time to focus on that hidden element that in many ways completes you. In the wake of the extremely powerful LibraFull Moon from the previous weekend, internal wounding is perhaps likely to arise in the early part of April. You might want to make time to meditate on all that is coming up for you, and instead of bewailing, benefit from this sacred time of internal examination. The way to handle the dark places within you, the residue of early childhood trauma, is to make friends with them, reaching out a comforting hand to the hurt child within you. Your ideals for your future growth – in all directions – are very present to you now, and as well your determination to expand upon your life mission. Wild innovation contends with cautious practicality, and their resolution contains the benefits for you of greater integration.
The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology
The beginning of April may feel like a more introspective time for you even though you may also be very busy with the logistics of a project at work. You may be alternating between bursts of energy and total fatigue depending on the day, which is more or less normal for you. Aries season highlights your stubborn and individualistic side. You may feel less compromising, which also means it's easier to keep to yourself. Later this month, the Sun will enter your sign which also signals the beginning of a new solar year for you. Until then, you may be wrestling with the more impatient or compulsive side of your nature without knowing exactly where to channel your emotions. The New Moon mid-March may have brought new opportunities to get involved in your community but getting along with others may not be as straightforward as you would like.
Mercury enters Aries on the late evening of the 3rd, which again brings attention to your solar twelfth house, also known as the chart sector relating to the unconscious. Mercury’s transit here could help you uncover some of your more hidden desires, especially the ones that relate to independence and personal agency. You may be able to see more easily where you tend to compromise too much at the expense of your own needs. You may feel a sense of frustration related to the inability to act or get what you want. Aries season could put you in touch more directly with the ambitious sides of your nature.
Material security could also feel more important this month due to Mars transiting in Gemini. You may be more conscious of what goes in and out of your bank account with your focus on finding resources that can support your long-term projects. Fears related to your financial future or the ability to provide for yourself may come up around the 8th and 9th, when Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries. There may be some confusion related to a recent project or you may have the inability to ask for what you need. You may feel isolated or disconnected from others without being able to connect with others wholeheartedly.
The New Moon in Aries on the 11th brings a powerful reset related to your inner life. Again your solar twelfth sector is involved, of unconscious process and inner work. You may feel an overwhelming need to be alone and focus on yourself. This is an excellent time to begin any type of work that can support getting at the roots of your unconscious behaviors. Healing modalities or therapies that can help you deal with suppressed emotions could reveal themselves to be useful at this time. It may not be a time of high energy but spending time in quiet introspection, listening to your dreams, and diving into your inner world could bring important insights.
Venus enters your sign on the 14th, which brings a positive and softening influence for your sign. Venus will transit in Taurus for about a month, increasing your natural propensity for pleasure and the enjoyment of the finer things in life. You may find your sense of ease returning with the star of Aphrodite gracing your sign.
By the third weekend of April, you should start to feel more outgoing. Mercury meets the Sun in Aries for its superior conjunction on the 18th which is often linked to a renewed sense of clarity. You may gain coherence and lucidity surrounding the path ahead or simply experience a greater sense of direction. Mercury and the Sun enter the sign of Taurus on the 19th of April, which may bring greater vitality for you in the weeks ahead. The Sun transiting in Taurus for these last two weeks of April also means a busier time for you. Venus conjunct Uranus on the 22nd is experimental and bold. You could find that you have less patience for the same old routine and feel like trying something new.
Mars entering Cancer on the 23rd, staying there until mid-June, will speed up the pace of your interactions and support written projects. You could have more energy to share your opinions and ideas with others but you may also be confronted by a certain amount of resistance.
Be prepared to have to defend your perspective around the 24th to the 25th, when Venus and Mercury in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. Take your time with important decisions and negotiations. You may have to spend time refining your ideas surrounding something you're passionate about before the world is ready to receive it. Try to not let this get you down. This transit favors hard work and original thinking but you may have to do it on your own for now.
The Full Moon takes place on the late evening of the 26th in the sign of Scorpio bringing to light your partnerships and the compromises you must make in order to keep them. Communication is highlighted and could be an important part of the equation. Talking things through might feature prominently, especially since Mars is currently transiting in the emotional sign of Cancer. You may be feeling less compromising than usual but someone else could be feeling neglected.
Relationships are a matter of give and take that require constant calibration. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings to light the difficult dynamics permeating your partnerships and the need to adjust your stance so that everyone can have their needs met. If the people close to you are used to your dedicated attention or perhaps a somewhat passive demeanor, they could be in for a surprise at the end of April when you finally choose to speak up.


What does it mean to be born on September 13?

The September 13 astrology shows that you are a Virgo who appreciates life and the opportunity to be in it. You are not likely to open up to strangers right away but are talkative among those you trust and love. Normally, you are a creative individual but can be analytical.

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How do September borns behave?

September borns are known as caring, kind and loving people. That’s why everyone loves being around them and wants to be their friend. They are selfless and open and such a nature works as a magnet that attracts everyone towards them. On the other hand, no matter how nice they are, they know their limits.

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What is the star sign for September 13?

As a Virgo born on September 13th, your friends know you for being reserved, sensitive and artistic. While others seem to come alive in the spotlight, you find little enjoyment with all the eyes on you. Instead, you much rather find yourself in the background where you are comfortable.

Who was born on Sept 13?

Actress Jacqueline Bisset is 74. Actress Christine Estabrook is 68. Actress Jean Smart is 67. Singer Randy Jones (The Village People) is 66.

Who should a Virgo marry?

Astrology Zone Taurus September

When looking for a person to marry a Virgo should look for signs such as Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio and should usually stay away from another Virgo, as well as Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

What is the birth flower for September 13?

Countdown timer for Sep 13, 2021:

Your BirthdateNext BirthdayBirth Flower
Thursday 1928-09-13Monday Sep 13, 2021 Aster

What is the luckiest birth month?

Some studies say that the babies with the lowest birth weight are born in May — chalk it up to the lower amounts of vitamin D in the womb during a winter pregnancy. A study done in the U.K. showed that May is the luckiest month to be born, and October is the unluckiest.

Are September born beautiful?

Character traits of people born in September Native- born in the month Of September struggle between right and wrong because they always have a strong perception of what is right and do the right thing according to them. They have an eye for beauty and are always attracted to all beautiful living or non-living things.

What are September babies called?

Babies born in September are either a Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) or a Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22). Virgos are helpful, dedicated and hardworking. Libras are charming, lovable, fair and sincere.

Who is Virgo more compatible with?

High Virgo Compatibility: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer. Astrology clothing styles. The list of star signs that can make a good match isn’t short for Virgo. Because they’re caring, they tend to be good partners for everyone. But there are a few signs they’re most compatible with, which are Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer.

What signs do Libras like?

Astrology Zone Taurus September 2019

The most compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The least compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Cancer and Capricorn.

Is September 13 a cusp?

September 13 zodiac people are on the Virgo-Libra Astrological Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Beauty. The planets Mercury and Venus govern the life of these Cuspers. Mercury rules over your Virgo side, while Venus is in charge of Libra.

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What is special on 13th September?

Though it originated in the Americas, today the small African country of Cote D’Ivoire produces 30% of the world’s cocoa. Everyone loves it, the recipes are endless and September 13th is celebrated as international chocolate day.

Who died on September 13?

September 13 Deaths

  • Tupac Shakur (1971-1996) Rapper.
  • Moses Malone (1955-2015) Basketball Player.
  • Andrew L. Harris (1835-1915) War Hero.
  • Eddie Money (1949-2019) Rock Singer.
  • George Wallace (1919-1998) Politician.
  • James Wolfe (1727-1759) War Hero.
  • Elias Disney (1859-1941) Family Member.
  • Lili Elbe (1882-1931) Activist.

What celebrities are born in September?

Super Celebrities with September Birthdays

  • Zendaya. September 1, 1996. Actress & singer. zendaya.
  • Beyonce. September 4, 1981. Singer-songwriter & actress. beyonce.
  • P! nk. September 8, 1979. Singer-songwriter.
  • Tyler Perry. September 13, 1969. Actor, filmmaker & comedian.
  • Nick Jonas. September 16, 1992. Singer-songwriter & actor.
  • Will Smith. September 25, 1968. Actor & wrapper.