Aries Horoscope For February 2021

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This is an interesting month for you Aries, with plenty of ups and downs. Well, at least there are ups. Your societal connections are sizzling, as you see yourself fitting in, in new ways, with groups, friendships, and the social enterprise itself. Everything in this department of your life feels different, in symbolic resonance with the dramatic shift in sign of Jupiter and Saturn, ruling career decisions. You are exploring the ways in which your future plans could become in better alignment with what comes from, rather than your head, your heart. Fluctuations in finances are likely, in one direction or another, and perhaps can be seen as tending toward a closer match to deeply felt intuitional realizations concerning what is of ultimate significance for you, taking a big picture viewpoint more directly into account. For example, you might find that shifting priorities can be accommodated in such a manner that reduced income can be seen as a blessing. You are, deep inside, really going for it - seeing what you can do when you truly live up to what your want for your life, and for others affected by your life, which is everyone. Mid-month, relationships in your life can be seen as an important factor in the on-going transformation of your values and your shifting career aspirations.
The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology
Your social self is swimming right now. Aquarius season is in full swing at the beginning of the month, which brings a considerable amount of attention to your aspirations, and to the friendships and the communities that can support your growth. On February 1st, Venus enters Aquarius and joins the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury for a total of five planets now transiting in the sign of the Water Bearer. Your ability to network can help you find the right opportunities as most of the action is taking place in your social sphere.
You may be prompted to commit more seriously to a project when Venus joins Saturn in on the first weekend of the month. This conjunction may highlight the compromise required for you to pursue what you love. You may need to assess the financial viability of your current trajectory and it's a good time to budget properly so that you don’t run out of resources in the pursuits of your goals. The right measures of risk taking and pragmatism can get you where you want to go especially if you have a solid plan. Venus and Saturn in Aquarius, sextile Chiron in Aries, on the 5th through the 7th could help you with getting over any underlying feelings of inadequacies. It’s a good time for progress in your chosen field, as you may be feeling more competent in terms of what you know. You may be able to see the value in what has passed the test of time while simultaneously being open to innovative ways of doing things. This may be a time when you understand the wisdom of your past mistakes. People can appreciate your ability to be both vulnerable and dependable, which in turn can create feelings of camaraderie and trust with others. You could also be asked to teach what you know or play the role of a mentor to someone.
Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius for the first three weeks of February and meets the Sun on the 8th which marks the halfway point of its retrograde cycle. Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun can represent a time of illumination and breakthroughs. However, Mercury in Aquarius applying to square with Mars in Taurus, exact a few days later on the 10th, indicates that there is a potential for rash thinking or jumping too quickly to conclusions. You may want things to happen faster than they can, or be caught between what you want versus what is possible. Much of the astrology of February is about applying the right kind of pressure for things to eventually evolve, while also being aware of the potential breaking point.
The AquariusNew Moon takes place on February 11th, and brings partners more fully into the picture. Venus rules your opposite sign, and is conjunct Jupiter providing optimism and action on the relationship front. My astrology chart free. There are now a total of six planets currently transiting in Aquarius, and this New Moon is a time of inception that highlights the budding potential you may be feeling in connection with your place in the social world. This new emerging awareness likely feels both exciting and daunting, as you contemplate the scope of your ambitions for the year ahead. Saturn and Uranus, both associated with your sign, are squaring each other at the time of the New Moon, thus perhaps highlighting a tension between your career goals and the financial risks or investments required to fulfill them.
The first square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus culminates on the 17th of February, and is within 2 degrees until the 21st, perhaps bringing tension that has been building to the surface. This square will occur again from mid-May to July 4th, and from December 2021 to January 9, 2022. This aspect is quite significant for you, coloring this whole year with the pressure of new forms wanting to emerge versus the very real limitations that you must contend with in your movement towards success. You may need to take calculated risks while yet also recognizing that you need to respect existing structures in your life.
The Sun enters the Mutable Water sign of Pisces on the 18th of February, which signals the last thirty days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, before the Sun enters Aries. The Sun transiting in Pisces could represent a more inward and reflective time for you. Venus in Aquarius squaring Mars in Taurus culminates on the 19th with the Moon’s Last Quarter, and therefore brings you to a time of tension, perhaps between your aspirations and what is financially viable or even possible for you right now. Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on the 20th and begins to make up its lost Zodiacal ground through to the first week in March. Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on the 24th which augurs that you may have more pulling power and influence than you think.
The VirgoFull Moon arrives on the 27th, highlighting the health sector of your chart. You may feel an added need at this timing to reassess your eating habits and exercise routines. It's also a good time to take stock of the resolutions you had in mind for 2021 and attempt to gauge how well you are able to follow through with them. How you organize your days may have a big part to play in how much you are able to get done. The Full Moon in Virgo also illuminates the mind-body connection and the impact that your thoughts have on your well-being. You may also become aware of any underlying anxieties that could be triggered by a lack of organization or increasing responsibilities. Overall, February is a busy time for you that culminates with the desire to take a break. The quicker you deal with your to-do list, the quicker you’ll be able to go out and play.

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Aries, this month is focused on the 11th House and 12th House with some activity in the 2nd and 6th Houses. You will wrap up the Aquarius season with a focus on the future. When Pisces season begins, you will be compelled to take some time for introspection, something that doesn’t necessarily come easily to you, but it might be a good time to reassess things that have been holding you back. You are all about moving forward, so it doesn’t do to let the past influence you for too long. Some reflection is helpful for growth, but it won’t be helpful to dwell on and conflate things you feel you’ve done wrong. This will be a good month to break down walls that you have put up against yourself.
With Mars still in Taurus in your 2nd House, all things related to your material possessions and money might feel like they are moving much too slowly. However, remember that although Mars in Taurus might be slow-moving, it is stubborn and will persist. Moving slowly is better than standing still in this case.
On February 1st, you will have to reign in some of your usual tendencies (that can lead to a bad outcome). The Sun squares Mars, making us all more likely to argue and act on our impulses without much thought.
Mercury is still moving retrograde until the 21st. If you feel the need, hold off on important communications or short trips.
With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Aquarius in your 11th House, you will likely feel empowered in areas relating to your friends, hopes for the future, and idealistic wishes. This is a wonderful time to use Aquarius’ forward-thinking attitude to empower your work in these areas. Your relationships with others will likely be very harmonious at this time.
On February 10th, you might find yourself being more irritable or grumpy than you would naturally be due to Mercury squaring off against Mars.
On February 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius in your 11th House will give you the opportunity to have a fresh start in all areas of rebellion, forward-thinking plans, idealistic visions, and your friendships with others. Take advantage of this new moon to realign with what matters to you and make plans for the future. Hit the reset button, let your mind run wild, and enjoy this opportunity.