A Sivasamy Sivanadi Astrology Centre Vaitheeswarankovil Tamil Nadu

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  1. A Sivasamy Siva Nadi Astrology Centre Vaitheeswarankovil Tamil Nadu Matrimony

A.Sivasamy Sivanadi Astrology Center SRI AGASTHIYA MAHASIVA VAKKYA NADI JOTHIDA NILAYAM. Dr.A.Sivasamy, 18, Milladi Street, Nagai District, Railway station Road, Opp Indian Bank, VaitheeswaranKoil - 609 117, Tamilnadu, South India, Phone. 0091-63 +91 93 62 22 77 79 +91 94 89 25 69 05.

The origins of Nadi astrology, is traced back to Vaitheeswaran Koil, a temple in Tamil Nadu (India), dedicated to Lord Shiva. We are not just one of the oldest but also the most acclaimed astrology centre worldwide having customers in around 86 countries. Thus it continued attracting the attention of global community for delivering predictions of high precision at a reasonable price.

The Journey Begins

  1. Sivanadi Nadi Astrology TAMILNADU(VAIDEESWARAN KOIL) 45/2, Opp. Railway Station Sirkali Taluk, SRI VAIDEESWARAN KOIL, NAAGAI Dst., TAMILNADU – 609 117. Mob: +91 7, +91 8, +91 6. Skype Id: sivaguruswamy29 E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.sivanadi.com.
  2. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India; User description. Siddha Yogi Sivadasan Ravi is renowned and famous vedic astrologer in Chennai, Tamilnadu. He also an author of 12 astrological books written in Tamil and he have written an e-book ‘Secrets of Nadi Astrology’ in English. Ravi Sankaran is taking astrology classes in his premises.
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It all started from Guruji S. Vithyanadan, the great grandfather of Guruji,whose teachings have been passed down to Guruji.S. V. Vertrivalle, then to Guruji. S.V Arumugam and to our present Guruji. Guruji.A.Siva Guru Swamy who has given precise & authentic predictions for almost 30 years now.

The Naadi Centre

At Vaitheeswarankoil was inaugurated and brought into light by A Siva Guru Swamy as the chief naadi astrologer.

The Ancestors

The ancestors of A Siva Guru Swamy belonged to Meikandanadhar gothra or lineage hailing from Chithambaram near Vaitheeswarankoil of Tamilnadu in India.


  • Written by Sivavakkiyar
  • Leaves Rare to Find
  • Customers Favorite

Agasthya Nadi

  • Written by Agasthyar
  • Cost Effective
  • Much Older Leaves

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Visited this nadi jyothishya nilayam, where I was very much shocked that whatever they said is absolutely correct. I was very happy after listening to my horoscope and even learned about the few remedies I need to follow for a better future. They explained to me very clearly whatever doubts I have. That was a great experience.

I have visited this place once in last month and they have received me very well and i told all my problems to them and they are responded very well and given a nice and meaning full solutions. One thing i need to tell about this 'Aasramam' is when i reached there they have taken my thumb impression and said my complete family details with out knowing about me.

Nenu Ninna Sivanadi Jyothishya Nilayam ki vellanu, Sivagurusamy garu naa Life gurim chi chala chakkaga vivarim chinaru, nenu thisukovalasina jagrathallu na life gurim chi vivarimcharu . Ramesh I trust Siva Naadi Jyothishya Nilayam truly

Sivanadi Jyothishyalayam is one of very few real Nadi Josya or Astrologers in India. They have years of experience in this NADI astrology and giving excellent predictions of life. Being a Senior software consultant I am not much interested in Astrology but when I visited first time it self I got a great satisfaction with their detailed study on my life. I really amazed with their services. Specially their Head Mr. Shiva Guru swami has versatile experience in Nadi Astro, science and current life style. They have excellent team. I can Rate this Sivanadi 4.5 out of 5 points?

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A Sivasamy Siva Nadi Astrology Centre Vaitheeswarankovil Tamil Nadu Matrimony

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Kandam's Info

This is all the aspects of your life that will be addressed in your predictions.

1) The Nadi Reader first takes the thumbprint of the person who has come in search of his Nadi leaf. He then uses the print of the thumb to identify the possible palm leaves from the numerous manuscripts in his possession.

2) Once the Nadi Reader locates the particular bundle , he begins to read from each leaf and asks the person a series of questions about his or her life, while attempting to identify the correct leaf. Daily horoscope for students.

3) This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours and it should be noted that it isn’t always possible to identify a person’s record.

4) Once he locates the correct leaf , he begins to read from the leaf, describing the person’s life in detail.

5) First there would be a general reading and then, based on the person’s interest, additional leaves are consulted to explore areas such as marital relationships, profession and business, past or future lives, etc.

6) The Nadi astrologer will also suggest remedial measures that the person can take to reduce the influences of past karma and enhance the benefits of future activities